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Business Recovery

Companies find themselves under financial distress for a variety of reasons, internal and external, typically multi-faceted. The onset of a financial crisis can happen rapidly or gradually. If the causes of the financial distress are not addressed with an effective strategy to turn the company around, the end result can be insolvency. Creditors' and shareholders' interests add to the complexity of a difficult situation. Helping a company reorganize its operations and address the concerns of creditors while continuing its day-to-day business is the primary focus of Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co.'s Business Recovery & Solutions Group.

Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co.'s Business Recovery & Solutions specialists, working closely with Insolvency Counsel, specialize in responding to companies in various stages of financial distress. We have the experience and independence required to assist management in the development and execution of an effective plan of reorganization or a return to liquidity.

  • Stabilize the developing crisis
  • Determine the causes of the financial crisis
  • Develop a plan for restoring profitability
  • Continuation of the business while implementing change and resolving issues
  • Return the company to profitability and positive cash flows
  • Long term stability / short term needs of creditors
  • Asset preservation and recovery
  • Maximize value for the company, its creditors and investors

Our principals and senior consultants are able to call upon their history of management and financial experience in workout and turnaround situations to develop and implement an effective reorganization strategy. They have a minimum of 40 years of business experience. They have been entrepreneurs, CEO's, COO's, and CFO's. Our hands-on experience enables us to identify directly with the issues faced by management in crisis situations.

Our experience covers a broad variety of industries. We have worked with small to middle market to Fortune 500 companies. In addition we have an extensive range of external resources that enable us to address all aspects of a successful reorganization.

Listing of Services

Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co. specializes in managing the reorganization of a financially distressed company. The following is a comprehensive list of core issues and specific tasks that we address during the reorganization process:

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Prepare projections of cash flows and operating results
  • Cash flow analysis - sources and uses
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Identify causes of financial distress – internal and external, company and management strengths and weaknesses
  • Valuation of company and its key assets
  • Development of reorganization plan
  • Establish, restore, maintain communications with creditors
  • Creditor committee representation / negotiations
  • Operational planning / business process
  • Identify revenue increasing / cash acceleration opportunities
  • Product profitability / pricing, costs and margins
  • Cost reduction and control / operating efficiency analysis - Review of executory contracts / re-negotiation / termination - workforce reduction
  • Debt & debt payment restructuring
  • Financing alternatives / assistance in arranging financing / debt or equity
  • Debt for equity swaps
  • Receivables collection / credit and collection policies and procedures
  • Forensic accounting / analysis of preference items
  • Fraud investigation / fraudulent conveyances

Many of these issue areas overlap. This requires that they be managed concurrently in order to restore financial viability. Our professionals are uniquely qualified to assist management in the reorganization effort.

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  • Brokerage
  • Asset Search and Recovery
  • Liquidation and Auction
  • Computer Forensics