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Litigation & Forensic Services

Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co. provides counsel and clients with expert support, analysis and testimony in litigation, arbitration and mediation. Our approach is hands-on and consultative. The same highly experienced individual who will ultimately testify conducts the primary analysis and forms the relevant opinions, with appropriate assistance from staff.

Our expertise and experience covers virtually every issue area that may arise in civil litigation. Similarly, we have provided effective consultation, analysis and testimony across all major industry and business sectors. Among the services we provide in relation to litigation consulting are the following:

  • Evaluation of issues and case strategy
  • Preliminary examination of documents
  • Discovery assistance
  • Guidance in preparing for deposition or cross-examination of experts
  • Detailed analysis
  • Development of economic damage models
  • Evaluation of damage analyses prepared by others
  • Presentation of expert testimony at deposition and trial

We have worked with international, regional and smaller law firms, and have served clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to family-owned businesses and individuals.

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Practice Areas
In each of our Practice Areas, Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co. strives to achieve a high level of professionalism and responsiveness to the needs of our clients.
Additional Resources

In addition to our core Practice Areas, our affiliated relationships provide us with seamless, immediately-available resources that include:

  • Legal
  • Appraisal
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Search and Recovery
  • Liquidation and Auction
  • Computer Forensics