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“Thanks, Karl, the jury was so impressed with you that they gave your damages figure right down to the dollar, as we asked them to do in closing arguments!” (D.H.)
Breach of Employment Agreement / Professional Malpractice (Trial Testimony)
“We kept going until 8 PM. We finally settled – thanks for your hard work, it made a difference.” (G.C.)
Mediation in Which SHL Participated
“We won!! Your testimony was decisive.” (A.E.)
Real Estate Bad Faith (Trial Testimony)
“The jury deliberated yesterday and returned a full defense verdict for [our client]. As you can imagine, clients are very happy and pleased with the way things turned out. A huge thank you for your assistance and expertise! We couldn’t have done it without you and are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with you in this matter.” (T.H.)
Federal Trial Testimony – Defective Product
“Thank you, Karl – your assistance was instrumental in getting this done. Looking forward to the next one.” (I.S.)
Health Products – Unfair Competition (Settlement Pre-Trial)
“Thank you, Karl for all of your assistance on this matter. As you know, we resolved the dispute yesterday, and after you left the room, we entered into a settlement term sheet. Thanks again for your tremendous assistance in this case.” (L.G.)
Insurance Bad Faith Claim / Fraud Counterclaim (Post-Mediation)
“I’m pleased to report that the case settled yesterday. Thank you for all of your work on this case, we really appreciate it.” (D.P.)
Trademark Infringement (Post-Deposition):
“Thank you, Karl – it was a pleasure to work with you on this case, and, as you can see from the outcome, you were an instrumental part of our success in defending against the bogus claims against [our client].” (A.T.)
Alleged Misappropriation – Medical Practice (Trial Testimony)
“After your testimony we settled the case for $4 million.” (P.L.)
Minority Shareholder Suit / Alleged Misappropriation (Trial Testimony Given)
“The case was settled for the amount you determined, with one group buying the interest of the other for $1.8 million. Thanks for your work.” (J.K.)
As Arbitrator-Recommended Neutral Accounting / Valuation Expert in Shareholder Dispute
“We got an incredible verdict yesterday in the [client] case: gross $55 million, net after Prop 51 reduction $34 million. Thanks for all your help.” (J.M.)
After Successfully Providing Expert Testimony in the Liability / Alter Ego Phase of a Bifurcated Personal Injury Trial
“The jury just delivered a unanimous verdict in our favor. Thanks for all of your work on the case.” (C.K.)
Real Estate Ownership / Profits Dispute (Trial testimony)
“Panel awarded $21 million. Including fees and costs. Thank you for your fine work, often on short notice.” (C.F.)
Breach of Contract (Expert Testimony at Arbitration)
“We appreciate what you and your firm were able to do, the remarkable effort required and accomplished at the outset of the engagement, and the unmistakable contribution made in achieving a just outcome for clients.” (M.S.)
Breach of Contract / Breach of Warranty (Trial Testimony)

About Our Testimonials
Each of the following comments was received, in writing and unsolicited, from the source noted. Given the nature of our work and the confidentiality required, we do not list specific case or party names. Upon request, we will be happy to put you directly in touch with the individuals from who these comments were received.